About the Race MPPT

Race MPPT Solar Cars

The race MPPT is designed to be the most efficient and lightweight MPPT specially designed with solar car racing teams competing in the world solar challenge in mind. Its CAN bus communication protocol and electric specifications for in/output voltage and current are designed to be compatible with the now commonly used drivetek V4.0.

The race MPPT uses a boost converter circuit, comes with integrated maximum power point tracking algorithm and has li-ion charge capability. It can handle powers up to 1000W with a peak efficiency of over 99% while having a weight of only 300 gram.

Race MPPT specifications

Input voltage range
20 – 150 VDC
Battery voltage range
22 – 165 VDC
Maximum input current
Peak electrical conversion efficiency
Operating temperature
0 to +55 °C
ABS enclosure for added protection
Weight (excl. enclosure)
136mm x 82mm x 44mm

Download Datasheet
Download Efficiency Measurement Method

More information can be requested using the contact form on this website.

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